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Family Guy S04E01 North By North Quahog

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In the opening sequence, Peter tells his family that "We've been cancelled" and lists 29 shows that were canceled by FOX after Family Guy was cancelled and says that if all of those shows were to be canceled, they might have a chance at returning.
As Peter and Lois are having sex, she yells out George Clooney's name. Peter realizes that she is imagining him as Clooney to maintain her libido. Lois and Peter decide to take a secondhoneymoon to enliven their marriage, and leave their anthropomorphic dog Brian to take care of their children Stewie, Chris, and Meg. Brian is unable to control the children, but Stewie offers to help (in exchange for Brian changing his diaper) and together they manage the home. The pair chaperone a dance at Chris's school, during which a school staff member catches Chris in the boys' restroom with vodka that belongs to his classmate Jake Tucker. Although Brian and Stewie punish Chris by grounding him, they try to clear his name. Jake's father Tom refuses to believe Brian and Stewie, so they resort to planting cocaine in Jake's locker, and Jake is sentenced to community service.
On the way to their vacation spot, Peter reads a Jughead comic book while driving (while Lois takes a nap) and crashes his car into a tree. They are forced to spend their entire honeymoon money on car repairs and are about to return home when Peter discovers that actor/director Mel Gibson has a private suite at a luxurious hotel nearby, which he barely uses. He and Lois then go to the hotel, where Peter poses as Mel Gibson to gain access to Gibson's room. When Lois yells out Gibson's name during intercourse, Peter, again, decides to return home. As the two are about to leave, Peter accidentally stumbles upon Gibson's private screening room and discovers a sequel to The Passion of the Christ entitled Passion of the Christ 2: Crucify This. To spare the world from "... another two hours of Mel Gibson Jesus mumbo-jumbo," Peter steals the film. However, when they leave the hotel, they are noticed by two priests, Gibson's associates, who were there to collect the film.
Pursued by the priests in a car chase that leads them through a shopping mall, Lois and Peter escape from the priests and drive to a cornfield where Peter buries the film. While he is doing so, the priests fly down in a crop-duster and kidnap Lois. Peter is then given a message telling him that if he does not return the film to Gibson at his estate on top of Mount Rushmore, his wife will be killed. Peter arrives at the house and gives Gibson a film can. As Peter and Lois are about to leave, Gibson discovers that the film has been replaced with dog feces, leading to a chase on the face of the mountain. While being chased, Lois slips but hangs on to George Washington's lips. Peter grabs her and, while being held at gunpoint, he tells Gibson that the film is in "President Rushmore's" mouth and points to the other side of the monument. Gibson follows Peter's direction, walks off the edge (because "Christians don't believe in gravity"), and falls to his presumed death as Peter pulls Lois to safety. Upon climbing back to the top of the mountain, the two have sexual intercourse on George Washington's sculpted head, bettering their marriage

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