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Family Guy S03E22 When You Wish Upon A Weinstein

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(This episode would have first aired in 2002, but due to concerns about its content it was not aired until November 9, 2003. Some Fox network executives were concerned that the episode could be construed as anti-Semitic, and decided not to air the episode after it had completed post-production.)

Peter gives Lois's "rainy-day fund" to a scam artist selling volcano insurance. That night, Stewie breaks Meg’s glasses because he hates being watched while he sleeps. Lois tells Peter that he needs to recover the money to buy their daughter a new pair of glasses. After hearing Quagmire andCleveland talk about how men with Jewish-sounding names have helped them achieve financial success, Peter decides that he needs a Jew to handle his money (though Cleveland tells Peter he does not approve of his logic) in an elaborate musical number based on “When You Wish upon a Star.” When a Jewish man named Max Weinstein (Peter Riegert) has car trouble outside the Griffin house, Peter takes it as a sign. After a foot chase, Peter pressures Max into helping him get the emergency money back. Subsequently, Max recovers the money from the scammer.
After inviting Max to dinner and accompanying him to a reform synagogue, Peter comes to the conclusion that Chris would get smarter if he converted to Judaism. He secretly drives Chris to Las Vegas for a quickie Bar Mitzvah, Lois finds out about this from Brian and, borrowing Quagmire's car, arrives just in time to stop the ceremony. The congregants, angry that Lois is apparently insulting their religion, chase the Griffins. They get out just in time and the Griffins lock the synagogue's door using a large star of David until they escape onto a bus full of nuns who, displeased that he strayed from Catholicism, attack Peter with rulers.
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