Saturday, May 4, 2013

Family Guy S03E20 European Road Show

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Stewie is entranced by a British television program entitled "Jolly Farm Revue", a colorful children's show featuring several imaginary characters. Lamenting his future in Quahog, Stewie decides to travel to "Jolly Farm" and live there forever. Desperate, he goes to the local airport and sneaks aboard a transatlantic flight, intending to travel to London, and to find the BBC studios where Jolly Farm Revue is filmed. Brian tries to stop Stewie from leaving Rhode Island, and follows him on board the plane. When he finally finds Stewie, the flight takes off and lands in the Middle East. Brian begins to search for a way to get back to the United States, but Stewie refuses to leave with him and insists they travel to London. Brian and Stewie search for a camel to use as transportation, and they perform a musical number as a diversion in order to steal one. They begin their journey, but the camel dies in the middle of the desert. They soon find a nearby Comfort Inn, however, in which to stay. They steal a hot air balloon from the hotel premises and make their way to the Vatican City, then traveling by train from Switzerland to Munich, and end up in Amsterdam. Upon finally arriving at the BBC Television Centre, Stewie is horrified to learn that the farm is nonexistent, and his beloved characters are merely jaded actors. Disillusioned, Stewie decides to travel back home with Brian to Quahog.
Meanwhile, Peter is overjoyed to hear about Kiss-stock, a five-night set of concerts in New England by his favorite band, Kiss. He and his wife, Lois, dress in face paint and leather to look like Kiss band members, as does the rest of the crowd, and they manage to stand only a few feet from the stage. When Gene Simmons points the microphone at Lois, encouraging her to sing the next line of one of their songs, Peter is ashamed to discover that she does not know the lyrics. Deeply saddened by this, Gene and Paul Stanley leave the stage (allowing Ace Frehley and Peter Criss to perform "Chattanooga Choo Choo"). After the concert, Peter accuses Lois of only pretending to be a Kiss enthusiast, and they leave the concert venue in disgrace. Later that night Peter and Lois stop at a restaurant on the way home. At one of the tables of the restaurant are the band members of Kiss, Lois recognizes Gene without his makeup as Chaim Witz (Gene's birth name), an old classmate. Peter is amazed to discover that Lois had dated Gene when they were in school. Peter's faith in Lois is then restored, and he proudly shares the news on public-access television that his wife "did" Kiss.

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