Monday, April 29, 2013

Family Guy S03E19 Stuck Together, Torn Apart

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When the Griffins go to a warehouse clubStewie finds a bottle of industrial adhesive and tries to eat some, but is stopped by Brian, whose hand is instantly joined to Stewie's. The two spend the rest of the episode trying to hide their predicament until the release solvent arrives.
Meanwhile, Lois runs into old boyfriend Ross Fishman, and the two go out for coffee to catch up on old times. Peter, growing suspicious, uses Joe's police surveillance van to spy on them. He becomes extremely jealous of her old boyfriend, so he finds his old date book and looks up past romantic interests to quell his envy. Lois becomes frustrated with his jealous antics, and the two go to couples' therapy. The therapist first has their daily lives recorded on tape so he can determine the best method to resolve their problems. After reviewing the tape and seeing how dysfunctional their lives are, the therapist suggests they go on trial separation. Although they are both reluctant, they decide to give it a try.
Peter moves out of the house and ends up dating Jennifer Love Hewitt, who turns out to be a niece of Peter's friend Mort Goldman. Lois goes on a date with Quagmire, and both couples end up at the same restaurant at the same night. Despite her disgust towards Peter and his unpleasant antics, Hewitt becomes extremely attracted to him. Lois then unexpectedly displays her own jealous rage, and violently drives Hewitt away. Now that Lois understands how Peter can get so envious, the two decide to live with their mutually jealous nature. Quagmire and Hewitt hook up, with Quagmire ordering a "roofie colada".
Cutting back to Stewie and Brian, just as the two start to drive each other crazy, the solvent finally arrives. As the instructions state it will take effect within an hour after applying, the two decide to take a walk to pass the time. Minutes before the glue is to dissolve, Stewie and Brian discover a little girl stuck in a deep well. Brian lowers Stewie into the well (while Stewie questions why there is a seventeenth-century well in a modern-day town) and they manage to rescue her with seconds to spare (a local man with elongated arms could have done it but he was too busy tickling a midget in a tree). Despite the glue being gone, the two decide to hold hands on the way home. The girl they saved is revealed to be a midget woman, and the wife of the midget in the tree. She is promptly thrown back in the well as her husband jumps in after her, and they are both tickled by the long-armed man.

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