Sunday, April 28, 2013

Family Guy S03E14 Peter Griffin, Husband, Father...Brother


When Chris starts speaking in African American style language after being towel boy in his school's predominantly black basketball team, Peter tries to get Chris to connect with his Irish heritage, and a trip to the genealogical library reveals the Griffin family has a black ancestor, Nate Griffin, who was a slave owned by thePewterschmidt family. Meanwhile, Stewie becomes obsessed with the cheerleaders at Buddy Cianci Junior High because he believes they have mind control powers, and begins following them and listening to their conversations to learn about their techniques on how to pump up the audience during basketball games.
After Peter finds out about Nate, he decides to reach his black roots by going to a meeting with Cleveland, but fails. He learns someone got Rice Krispie treats as compensation from a family that used to own their ancestor. When Carter appears to inform the children of the Pewterschmidt side of the family after hearing of Peter's lineage, it is revealed from a photograph that the ancestors of the family kept Nate Griffin as a slave. Peter demands "Rice Krispie treats" from Carter Pewterschmidt, who offers him $10,000, then gives him $20,000 because he assumes Rice Krispie treats is black slang for money. Peter squanders the money to convert the den into a replica of Pee-wee's Playhouse, which angers Lois. While spying on the cheerleaders in the locker room at school, Stewie hears the lead cheerleader, Cindi, yelling at the squad for messing up on their pyramid during practice. He then realizes that the pyramid is their source of power, so he plots to get rid of Cindi to take her place at the top of the pyramid at the upcoming game. At the game, Peter becomesalienated by both the black and white communities, and goes to the bathroom, where he sees Nate Griffin in the mirror, who gives him advice. Stewie kidnaps Cindi, then hides her in the men's bathroom. He ties her up and gags her with tape while threatening her, but then tells her he will not hurt her. He comes out dressed as her and attempts to control the audience by telling them to stab each other with knives. The pyramid falls and Stewie drops the microphone. Peter picks it up and announces to the audience that he realizes he made a mistake and that he will be sharing his reparation money with his brothers. When he sees white people partaking, he mentions that he was just talking to the black people. He then decides it does not matter if you are black or white, but what matters is green. Quagmire then finds Cindi still bound and gagged in the bathroom stall.

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