Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Everybody Loves Raymond S01E01 Pilot

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Debra is at home feeding the kids when Ray returns from a road trip. They start to discuss Debra's birthday plans before being interrupted by Marie. Debra then leaves Ray in charge of the kids as she goes to the movies with Linda.
Ray leaves with Leo to get pizza and places Marie in charge. When Debra returns home, she finds the house spotless but learns that Ray's parents were there. She starts to get angry at Ray because he didn't listen to her. This results in Debra asking Ray not to invite his parents to her birthday. Ray is reluctant, but eventually tells them that there is no party and makes up a story that Debra and he are going to Bear Mountain. On Debra's birthday Ray's parents go to Ray's house to leave gifts for Debra, but find Debra and Ray there. Ray then explains why they can't come over every day. They accept it and ask Ray why is he so sensitive and Marie replies "because he's a writer", then they leave.

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