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Family Guy S03E04 One If By Clam, Two If By Sea

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A hurricane strikes Quahog. Though The Drunken Clam was undamaged, the bar's owner Horace sells it and leaves for Florida. An Englishman named Nigel Pinchley turns it into a stereotypically British pub. Upset over the loss of their favorite bar and failing to find another one, PeterQuagmireCleveland, and Joe try to start their own American revolution at the pub by harassing its staff and patrons. However, the British convince them to leave. Peter and his friends storm a British ship, throwing out its beer like the Boston Tea Party.
That night, the pub mysteriously burns down and Peter, Quagmire, Cleveland, and Joe are thrown in jail due to an anonymous tip. Inside, a criminal caught by Joe plans to kill him and the others at midnight on Saturday. LoisLoretta, and Bonnie are unable to believe their husbands would burn down the pub. They subsequently discover that Nigel had taken out a large insurance policy the day before the pub burned down and immediately become suspicious. Knowing Nigel is strongly attracted to her, Lois plans to trick Nigel into confessing. Although it was not witnessed, Nigel's insurance agent was in his closet and overheard everything.
Meanwhile, Stewie tries to teach Eliza, Nigel's daughter, to overcome her "common" Cockney accent and speak "proper" English. He bets Brian that she will be a proper lady at her birthday party. After several sessions, Stewie manages to teach Eliza how to speak "properly". In the party, Eliza does, until she wets herself in front of everybody, slipping back to her Cockney accent and making Stewie lose the bet.
On the night Peter, Joe, Quagmire, and Cleveland are supposed to be killed by the criminal, they are freed by Lois, Bonnie and Loretta before he could arrive. The men and their wives celebrate their success at The Drunken Clam, which Horace has bought back and returned to normal. Lois states that she hopes that Nigel is punished, and he is hanged at the Tower of London while Eliza gets sent to an orphanage. She sends Stewie a letter threatening to kill Lois if she gets out.

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