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Family Guy S03E03 Mr. Griffin Goes To Washington

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Peter skips work to attend a Boston Red Sox baseball game. When he is at the game, he encounters his boss Mr. Weed who calls him a liar for missing work. Later, Mr. Weed tells Peter that the El Dorado Cigarette Company is taking over the toy factory, but Peter's job will be retained. Peter shows his family the new toys being made by the company, but Lois and Brian see them as encouraging children to smoke. Peter takes their advice and discusses the issue to his new bosses. They deny that they want children to smoke, and appoint Peter as President of the company.
Lois enjoys Peter's presidency, especially because the company sent Martha Stewart to be a maid at the Griffins' house. Brian, annoyed with the company's ideas, quits smoking. Peter enjoys being the President of the El Dorado Cigarette Company when he gets special privileges. After receiving an anti-smoking bill, El Dorado holds a meeting and decide that the only way to communicate with the idiots in Congress is to send someone just as stupid, and they decide to send Peter. He makes friends from Congress of both parties in order to win the dispute. Meanwhile, Lois is horrified when she catches Stewie smoking, and they go to Washington, D.C. to find Peter.
Peter wins over the Congressmen with his speech, but when he hears Stewie's smoker's cough, he remembers the evils of smoking and tells Congress to reject El Dorado's proposal. Congress agrees and fines the company $100 million, bankrupting it.

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