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Family Guy S03E01 The Thin White Line

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At a company picnic, Mr. WeedPeter's boss, announces a competition in which he will hunt down the employees with tranquilizer darts. After being shot multiple times by the tranquilizers, but still managing to stay conscious, Peter is the last one standing in the competition and wins a paid vacation. As the family gets ready to go on a cruise, Joe recognizes the strength of Brian's nose and offers him a job as a police dog to look for drugs. Later, after busting a group of midgets posing as Sunday school children, the cops go to the airport, where Brian sniffs out a bystander who is secretly carrying cocaine, furthering Brian's reputation. Brian, however, accidentally inhales the cocaine, after busting the criminal and becomes addicted.
Brian's addiction steadily grows worse, until he finally attacks a man at the airport trying to find "the stash," and is kicked off the police force, when nothing is found. He returns home that night with a hooker named Tina and terrorizes the rest of the family before spending the rest of the night out. The next morning, the Griffins hold an intervention with Brian's psychiatrist, and Brian has an emotional breakdown. They eventually decide to send Brian to a rehab center by using their vacation money. Peter, however, decides to join Brian at the center because he could not go on vacation. Peter thinks the rehab center is a hotel, so he spends his time drinking beer and acting goofy, even though Brian reminds him that he is in rehab for drugs. Peter causes unrest among the surrounding patients by causing premature births in pregnant teens, and giving drugs to patients in exchange for food. Ultimately, the manager accuses Peter of being Brian's "x-factor", the reason he was a cocaine addict, and a disgusted Brian defends him.
After leaving the center, Brian stuns the family when he announces that he is leaving Quahog, to move in with his cousin, Jasper, in California. Though appalled by this, no one attempts to try to stop him. This next sets the stage for the second part to the episode, "Brian Does Hollywood," where Brian decides to live the life of a filmmaker and writer.

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