Saturday, March 9, 2013

Family Guy S02E21 Fore, Father

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When Lois asks her family to help her with spring cleaningPeter attempts to clean the house with a hose. This task ends up with damage to the house, and he is told by Lois to go somewhere else. He decides to go camping with Joe and Cleveland. While camping, Peter leaves Chris to guard the food supplies while he goes fishing with his friends. Upon returning, Peter, Joe, and Cleveland find all of the food missing. Chris apologizes for messing up the trip and Peter admits to Chris that he was a bad father to him. He volunteers his friends as Chris' new father, but none come forward.
Later, Chris gets a job at a putting green while Peter coaches Cleveland, Jr. at golf. While Chris is sat outside his house, Glenn Quagmire asks him what is wrong. Chris tells him that Peter has been a bad father to him, and Quagmire helps him by being his temporary father. Chris does not enjoy his time with Quagmire, and returns to the putting green, where Cleveland, Jr. is about to win a tournament when he kicks the golf ball Peter threw, and runs away. At the end, Peter and Chris make up, and vandalize cars with golf balls.
Meanwhile, Stewie uses Brian's books to create papier-mache replicas of sets from old television programs. Brian becomes angry with Stewie, but Stewie gets protected by Lois. To make things up, Lois brings Brian some of Peter's books, all themed around Mr. T. As revenge against Stewie, Brian makes him believe that the vaccine shots he received are some kind of mind control from Lois. Stewie ends up hallucinating.

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