Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Family Guy S02E15 Dammit Janet!

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Lois Griffin is concerned that her intelligent infant baby, Stewie, is not getting along with other children at the park; so she decides to put him indaycare to be around other children his age. With Stewie out of the house, Lois finds nothing to do around the house so her anthropomorphic dog,Brian, suggests she get a part-time job.
Lois' husband, Peter, convinces Lois to take a job as a stewardess after hearing from his friend, Glenn Quagmire, that the husbands of the stewardess fly for free. Since Lois is unaware of this, Peter visits many different locations without telling her. Lois ends up hating the job and wants to quit but Peter tells her not to give up so soon. The next flight Peter takes has Lois as one of the stewardess. Lois becomes furious and takes Peter inside the plane's bathroom to argue with him for using her. While they are occupied, the plane is hijacked to Cuba. Unable to get documents to return to the US, they ride a refugee raft back home.
Meanwhile, At the daycare, Stewie meets a female infant named Janet (voiced by Tara Charendoff). For reasons that Stewie does not comprehend, he cannot stop thinking about her and Brian explains that he is in love with her. At first Stewie denies his feelings for Janet, but he soon becomes aware of his interest for her after he gives her the cookie that he brings daily as lunch; and he starts playing with her. Janet starts eating cookies with another infant of the daycare, after witnessing this Stewie feels betrayed and tries to make her jealous with another infant but it is unsuccessful. At the end, Janet tells Stewie she likes him and asks if she could eat his cookie. Stewie is heartbroken when he figures out that she only wanted his cookies.

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