Sunday, February 17, 2013

Family Guy S02E11 A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Bucks

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For his birthday, Peter drives his family to Bob's Funland and Putt Putt Golf. The attraction's owner, Bob Funland, soon asks them to leave, after Peter causes trouble for other customers. Peter grows unhappy over his lack of accomplishments when he remembers Bob Funland from school. Chrisgives Peter an astonishingly good painting as a present, but Peter simply uses it to cover a hole in the window of his car. An art dealer named Antonio Monatti buys the painting for $5,000 and urges Peter to bring Chris to Manhattan, where he could become a famous artist.
Peter puts Chris completely in Monatti's hands while the rest of the family tour New York City, dazzled by the big-town sights. Monatti gives Chris a total makeover, dying his hair green, dressing him in fashionable clothes, renaming him "Christobel" and introducing him to Kate Moss . Since Monatti alienates Peter due to his lack of manners, he tells Chris that he must keep away from his father at all times. When Chris reluctantly complies, Peter disowns him and focuses on Meg's talent for bird calls.
Chris' masterpiece turns out to be a collection of portraits of Peter in a style reminiscent of that of Andy Warhol. Monatti and the art enthusiasts detest the new work and reject Chris. As the family prepare to return to Quahog, fashion designer Calvin Klein spots Stewie and immediately casts him in advertising for his new line of designer diapers.

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