Friday, February 15, 2013

Family Guy S02E08 I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar

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Peter and the neighbors receive an advertisement in the mail, indicating that they will receive free boats if they attend a timeshare sales pitch. However, during a high-pressure sales interview, Peter trades the boat for a mystery box, which turns out to contain tickets for a comedy club. At the club, Peter becomes drunk and attempts to tell jokes on stage. Before his brief performance, during which he mostly abuses the audience, he places his beer in his pocket upside-down, spilling it down his pants. The audience, amused that Peter looks like he wet himself, laughs hysterically, leading drunk Peter to believe they liked his jokes. Peter thus believes his humor to be a hit.
Continuing his hubris, Peter tells a sexist joke at his job at the Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory that offends a female coworker named Sarah Bennett, whose lawyer, Gloria Ironbox, offers to drop charges of sexual harassment if Peter goes to a sensitivity training program. It has no effect, however, so he is sent to a women's retreat. He continues to make insensitive comments until he endures pain comparable to childbirth; taking his bottom lip and stretching it behind his head.
By the time he returns home, he has become very effeminate. At first, Lois appreciates Peter's new sensitive nature, but soon tires of it (he spends more time on the mirror, doing pregnancy tests, scolding Lois for cooking dinner for her husband, though Peter is her husband, saying he should take a breast exam when Lois tells Peter about her body, and even tried to breastfeed Stewie when Lois is not looking). In desperation, she asks Peter's friends for help. She goes over to Quagmire's house and tells him that Peter is not treating her like a woman. Quagmire decides to help. Peter's friends try in vain to bring him back to normal by bringing him among his "fellow man." Cleveland takes Peter to a black convention where Peter announces in public to all the men that its their fault for all the crime and problems, they are ruining society, and they should be ashamed, inciting them to chase him through the streets (they thought that he was a racist).
When Peter and Lois attend a women's gala, Gloria insults Lois by saying that her current lifestyle is the reason why Peter did not respect women, although Lois reminds her that she is a feminist, but feminism is about choice, and she chooses to be a mother and homemaker. Gloria then says that Lois' children must be "screwed up." Lois, furious, punches Gloria, resulting in acatfight between the two women, during which some of their clothes are ripped off. Aroused by the scene, Peter pulls Lois out and rushes home to have sex. Once they finish, Lois comments on how wonderful it was. Her voice startles Peter as he has already forgotten that she is in the room. He then asks her to make him a sandwich, which pleases Lois as this marks that he is back to his normal self.

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