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Family Guy S02E05 Love Thy Trophy

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For Quahog's yearly harvest festival parade with floats, the theme by Peter, "The episode of Who's the Boss? where Tony sees Angela naked in the shower", is randomly selected.
The float built by Peter, QuagmireCleveland, and Joe wins, but the men cannot agree at whose house the Golden Clam trophy should reside. They decide to place it above the road, suspended by the statues from the float. The next day the trophy is missing; everyone immediately suspects each other of stealing it.
Meg gets a job at a pancake house so she can buy herself a Prada bag. She lets the restaurateur, Flappy, believe that Stewie is her baby so she will get the job. She realizes that allowing customers to think Stewie is a crack-addicted baby and she is his single mother results in higher tips. Stewie plays along because he loves the restaurant's pancakes.
A woman from Child Protective Services asks Flappy for Meg's address. On Spooner Street the neighbors fight over the missing trophy and Joe, Quagmire and Cleveland are quick to badmouth the Griffins, leading CPS to place Stewie in a foster home where he lives with IslamicAfricanChineseSikhInuit, and Mexican kids his age. The neighbors put their conflict aside to retrieve Stewie. When an espionage mission fails, they trade Meg's Prada bag for Stewie. That night, Rod Serling reveals that Brian buried the trophy in the Griffins' yard. Brian assaults Serling with a shovel and proceeds to bury him.
During the credit roll, Stewie is seen in bed with a fever after eating all Flappy's pancakes, then a clone Stewie (meant to be a hallucination) is seen crawling across the ceiling then spins its head round (in a reference to the film Trainspotting).
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NOTE: There is error in this episode where Lois Griffin calls Bonnie Swanson "Debbie". When asked about this, Alex Borstein, Lois Griffin's voice, said she was, "surprised no one on the cast noticed it".

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