Monday, December 3, 2012

Family Guy S01E05 A Hero Sits Next Door

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At the Happy-Go-Lucky Toy Factory, safety inspector Peter Griffin is working when his boss Mr. Weed introduces Guillermo, a ringer who will attempt to assist the company in winning the annual softball game. At home, Peter's wife Lois informs him of their new neighbors, the Swanson family, and wishes for him to make friends with them; however, Peter is not interested and leaves with Brian for softball practice. The regular pitcher is absent, so Peter fills in. He injures Guillermo with a wild pitch during practice and must find a new player to replace him or be fired.
Meanwhile, Lois goes with her son Stewie to meet the new neighbors. She is greeted by Bonnie Swanson and soon after meets her husband Joe, while Meg falls in love with Joe and Bonnie's son, Kevin. When Peter comes home he is rude to the Swansons. Later that night, Peter thinks about who can replace Guillermo, and Lois mentions that Joe played baseball in college. Peter sees Joe in his truck and sitting down on a chair later that day, which prevents him from seeing he is in a wheelchair, and invites him to join the team. The next morning Peter and Mr. Weed are at the field. Joe shows up for the game and Peter and Mr. Weed are horrified to see that he is in a wheelchair. However, Joe turns out to be a fantastic player and leads the team to victory. That night Joe has a celebratory party in his house, where he reveals that he is a police officer who was crippled after fighting The Grinch on the roof of an orphanage, and soon becomes very popular with the neighbors, including Peter's family.
Joe's popularity makes Peter jealous, so Peter wants to be a hero too. He attempts to stop a bank robbery to compete with Joe's heroism. Peter and Brian are taken hostage in the process, but Joe convinces the robbers to surrender. An applauding crowd hoists Joe away in praise, leaving his wheel chair empty. Stewie tries to unlock the "power of the wheelchair", but Lois manages to remove him and puts a pacifier in his mouth, so he quickly falls asleep. After the hostage situation, Peter is disappointed, but his family consoles him by telling him that he is their hero.
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